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      5 E's:

With high population growth and rapidly growing economies, many developing countries are not able to meet the rapidly rising demand for electricity, leading to power shortages and restraints on future growth. One way of closing the ‘energy gap’ is a nationally planned programme of energy conservation.

Energy Conservation and Efficient Energy Management is the need of the hour and it can save 1500MW of Energy. I as a Chairman South Asia Women in Energy (Advocacy Group) and Chairman Pakistan Engineering Council want to utilize my best resources to overcome this power shortage in Pakistan. This solar power initiative brings Pakistan towards Peace and Prosperity as it is written in Pakistan People’s Party Manifesto 2008. The PPP’s mission is to transfer the lives of our people from despair to hope through these 5 E’s;

  • We Promise the youth of Pakistan gainful Employment, hope and opportunity
  • We promise to provide quality Education and health care, and clean drinking water, to the masses
  • We Promise to ensure that Energy Shortages are eliminated
  • We Promise to protect the Environment
  • We Promise to give high priority to Empowerment of women and ensure their equal rights






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